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Frontier X2

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"Heart rate only tells you how many times your heart is beating. Frontier X2 has continuous ECG feature to monitor your heart health beyond Heart Rate and guides you to a stronger, healthier heart."


Heart Rate

Heart Rhythm


Real-Time Alerts

Continuous ECG

ECG During Exercise

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Remote Sharing


  • Heart: Heart Rate, Heart Rhythm, Heart Strain, HRV (Heart Rate Variability)
  • Performance: Breathing Rate, Training Load, Body Shock, Step Cadence


  • Weight: 25 grams
  • Dimensions: 73mm x 24mm x 13mm
  • Water resistant up to 1.5 meters


  • Upto 24 hours of continuous usage; 12 - 15 days under typical usage
  • Full charge in under 45 minutes


  • Frontier X2 now has Bluetooth 5.0 for 3X speed and greater range.
  • Frontier X App available for iOS and Android phones, as well as the Apple Watch
  • Displays Heart Rate on compatible BLE sports watches


  • Frontier X2, 2 x Elastic Chest Straps, Micro USB Cable, 2 x Micro USB Rubber Covers, Quick Start Guide


The challenge with ECG watches and handheld devices is that they can capture your ECG only when you are still for 30 seconds. What you need is a product that captures high-quality ECG continuously on your chest while you exercise and are pushing your heart the hardest.

Frontier X2 Integrations

The Frontier X2 uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to sync with third-party devices and provide Heart Rate data in real-time. That means you can train distraction-free with the device you already own without losing out the Frontier X2 metrics.


Frontier X2 comes with a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee and 1 Year Limited Warranty.

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What makes the Frontier X2 unique?

What makes the Frontier X2 so much more advanced than a regular Heart Rate Monitor?

The Frontier X2 is the World’s First Smart Heart Monitor that allows you to record your ECG during exercise.

Unlike a regular heart rate monitor, which typically only transmits heart rate, the Frontier X2 records, stores, and processes your ECG (while exercising or stationary, both), Heart Rate, Strain, Breathing Rate, as well as biomechanical parameters like Cadence (step rate) and Body Shock.

The X2 can also give you real-time feedback through vibration alerts, when you cross preset thresholds for Heart Rate, Breathing Rate and Strain. Moreover, you can transmit the physiological metrics recorded on the Frontier X2 to anyone across the world, in real-time. This includes the ability to live-stream your ECG in real-time to anyone at anytime as well.

How does the Frontier X2 compare with other ECG devices on the market?

Most devices in the market that allow you to record ECG are either watches or hand-held. Hand-held and Watch ECGs require you to sit still and hold the device with both hands, so they cannot be used during exercise. They also suffer from poor data quality, because the ECG is being acquired from the finger or wrist, instead of the chest. Further, they typically record only 30-60 second segments of ECG and do not allow for long continuous recordings like the Frontier X2.

With the ability to record up to 24hrs of continuous ECG data, the Frontier X2 was designed to get the best quality metrics while on the move, in any environment. The chest-worn design keeps your hands free for sport and is tightly fastened to ensure good data quality during motion. By collecting the ECG from the skin just over the heart, the Frontier X2 can pick up minute electrical changes that may be lost if the ECG is picked up from points further away, like the arm, wrist or fingertips.The ECG quality on the X2 has been validated against a GE Holter Monitor and most closely resembles the V5 lead position of a 12-Lead ECG.

How does the Frontier X2 help keep your heart safe?

The Frontier X2 measures changes in your ECG, indicating oxygen deprivation and heart muscle damage. The device subsequently provides your Cardiac Strain values in
real-time on our app. It also warns you with a double-vibration alert if you cross your pre-set threshold, helping you exercise at an exercise
intensity that is safe for your heart. This alert can tell you whether
you should finish the last lap, run that extra mile, do those last few
push ups, or just give your heart a rest.

How does the Frontier X2 help improve your performance?

The Frontier X2 measures both, Breathing Rate and Heart Rate. Breathing rate is much more closely correlated with your true internal effort than heart rate, because unlike heart rate, it is not influenced by external factors like caffeine, lack of sleep, temperature, humidity and stress, which are some of the problems with heart rate based training. The Breathing Rate based alerts on the Frontier X2 tell you when to speed up and when to slow down, enabling you to optimize your performance.

How accurate is the ECG measured by the Frontier X2?

The ECG obtained from the Frontier X2 resembles the V5 lead position of a
12-Lead ECG. The quality of the ECG has been validated against a GE
Holter Monitor.

Please note the Frontier X2 is a health & fitness product, and is not
intended to be used for diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please read
detailed disclaimers here.

Is the Frontier X2 compatible with other external Heart Rate Monitors?

​The Frontier X uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology/Bluetooth Smart to sync with other devices as a heart rate monitor. These devices include certain models of ​Apple Watches, Garmins, Whoop Straps, Pelotons, Zwifts and more. If your external device is equipped with BLE/Bluetooth Smart technology, the Frontier X2 should easily sync as a heart rate monitor (HRM) with no issues whatsoever. 

The Frontier X2 can simultaneously connect to a maximum of 3 devices - 1 Mobile App & 2 External HRMs.

While the external device will only reflect Heart Rate, the Frontier X2 itself will reflect various metrics such as ECG (live and recorded), Breathing Rate, Strain, Heart Rate, Body Shock, and Training Load once it is connected to the mobile app, post your workout. You can see a more detailed view on the Frontier X web dashboard as well, once you've uploaded data from your device to the cloud.

Please note that the Frontier X2 does not support ANT+.

Is the Frontier X2 compatible with other third-party fitness apps like Strava or Training Peaks?

There is currently no direct integration between the Frontier X2 and these fitness apps. However, there are a couple of workarounds.

When the Frontier X2 is connected to your phone/apple watch app and the phone/watch is carried along - it allows you to record GPS data as part of your workouts as well. The Frontier X2 doesn't have a GPS chip of its own, and thus uses the phone's/watch's GPS. You can then download a .FIT file of your workout from the Frontier X2 dashboard and upload it to apps like Strava, Training Peaks, JeFit etc. for further analysis. 

Alternatively, you can connect the Frontier X2 to an external HRM like a Garmin or Polar and then pass the information on to Strava or Training Peaks from your external HRM. The data uploaded onto Strava in this case will include the Heart Rate measured by the Frontier X2.

What is the battery life of the Frontier X2?

A fully charged Frontier X2 can last for up to 24 hours when recording data continuously and 14 days if used for an average of 1 hr/day.

Can I use the Frontier X2 without it being connected to my phone?

Yes. You can record data on the Frontier X2 without connecting the device to the mobile app. The X2 is equipped with a memory chip, unlike most other devices on the market. This ensures that even if you don't connect it to your phone during your workout, or choose to connect it to an external device like Garmin, there's zero data loss as you can come back home and connect the Frontier X2 to the phone later. Once synced, all metrics recorded on the device will be accessible.

Is the Frontier X2 waterproof?

Swimming is one of the most common use cases of the Frontier X2. The Frontier X2 is IP67 rated, which means that it is completely waterproof for up to 1.5 meters (approx. 5 ft).

Can the Frontier X2 be worn while exercising or playing sports?

Yes. The chest-worn design of the Frontier X2 keeps your hands free for sport and is tightly fastened to ensure good data quality during motion.

Can you use the Frontier X2 with a pacemaker?

While Frontier X2 has not gone through the official safety testing for use with pacemakers, we have several users who use the device with pacemakers. None of these users have reported any issues.